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  • Can I see any of JQ’s speeches online?

    Every year at RWA’s national conference, Friday begins with a featured speaker, chosen for her achievements in the writing world. For the 2015 conference in New York City, JQ was that speaker. Jump to the 11 minute mark to start at her speech (and be sure to grab some tissues for the end). Books mentioned in her speech are listed below.


    JQ’s mom gives Splendid a “glowing” review at 17:00.

    Want to read a book with no nouns, verbs, or adjectives? Try Minx. (Not really; JQ explains at 28:26.)

    The book which inspired a reader to send JQ a re-written scene (the story starts at about 35:27) is To Sir Phillip, With Love.

    The five books mentioned in the letter JQ reads at the end of her speech are:

    How to Marry a Marquis (40:01)

    The Duke and I (40:17)

    The Viscount Who Loved Me (40:20)

    An Offer From a Gentleman (40:52)

    Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (42:06)

  • How do you decide where to hold your booksignings?

    The short answer is: I don’t! I go where I’m asked:

    1. Bookstore and library appearances are arranged through the. Every now and then I receive an email from them saying, “Would you like to visit ABC Bookstore and XYZ Library?” I almost always say, “Sure!”

    2. I also enjoy presenting workshops and keynote speeches at many writers’ conferences. If you are interested in having me at your conference, please send a note to the. They will forward it to me right away, and I will respond personally.