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The Lyndon Sisters

  • Everything and the Moon and Brighter than the Sun make up a duet of books set in the early 19th century about Victoria and Eleanor Lyndon, daughters of a not terribly well-to-do vicar. Both young ladies marry into the aristocracy, although their journeys to true love could not be more different—Victoria finds love after a foiled elopement and seven-year separation, while Ellie enters into a marriage of convenience after an intoxicated earl falls (literally) out of a tree and lands at her feet.

  • Why didn’t Robert and Victoria (from Everything And The Moon) appear in Brighter Than The Sun?

    The plot wouldn’t allow it. If Victoria had been anywhere in the vicinity, her sister Ellie would have had the option of moving in with her, and thus would never have entered a marriage of convenience with Charles. It would have been a very short book.