How are your books connected and do I need to read them in any particular order?

I’m careful to write all my books so that they can be read in any order, but I do enjoy revisiting secondary characters, so some books do “go together,” and they are grouped as such on my Bookshelf page (in order from left to right). You can also go to the bottom of any book page to learn more about the connecting books and their sequence.

There are a few instances where characters cross into series other than their own, but that doesn’t mean you need to read those books in any specific order. For example, in How To Marry A Marquis, I wrote Dunford (the hero from Minx) into a scene, but I would not say that Minx and How To Marry A Marquis are a part of a series. Similarly, Charles (the hero of Brighter Than The Sun) was a very minor character in Minx. But Brighter Than The Sun is more truly a spin-off of Everything And The Moon than of Minx. In general, if you see me bringing back old characters in a very minor way, it’s probably just me having fun at my computer rather than any attempt to consciously connect the books.