Soundtrack for First Comes Scandal - Julia Quinn

Soundtrack for First Comes Scandal

  • “Sailing to Philadelphia” Mark Knopfler (with James Taylor)

    At first listen, this choice might not make much sense on a soundtrack to a book set in 1791 Great Britain. The lyrics are a dialogue between Charles Mason (sung by James Taylor) and Jeremiah Dixon (Mark Knopfler)–the two English surveyors who established the border between Pennsylvania and Delaware from Maryland and Virginia. This border went on to become the Mason-Dixon line and even now is used to denote the border between the northern and southern United States.

    But to me, the entire song feels like a journey, like two people setting out on a great and sometimes terrifying adventure. And that reminded me of Georgie and Nicholas setting out for Scotland. Love and partnership is also often a great and sometimes terrifying adventure. But worth it in the end, I think, don’t you?

  • “A Little Respect” by Erasure

    At its core, First Comes Scandal is not so much about Georgie asking for respect, but realizing it is her right to demand it.

  • “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift

    “Kiss me once ’cause I know you had a long night. Kiss me twice because it’s gonna be all right. Three times ’cause you waited your whole life.”

    Doesn’t this sound like something Georgie might say to Nicholas? Plus, I feel like this song is so much about two people becoming a true couple, sharing burdens and happiness, and that is what First Comes Scandal is all about.

  • “Saw Lightning” by Beck

    Nothing to do with the book except I love this song SO MUCH and it has been on repeat for long enough to antagonize everyone else in my house. Plus, it makes me dance every time it comes on, and always in a way that makes look like I’ve gone insane. Which, in my opinion, is really the best way to dance.

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