Soundtrack for The Lady Most Likely... - Julia Quinn

Soundtrack for The Lady Most Likely…

  • “Her Morning Elegance” Oren Lavie

    I absolutely adore this song and listened to it hundreds of times while I was writing my section of The Lady Most Likely…. I listened to it quite a bit while writing What Happens in London, too, but the woman in the (amazing!) music video looks just like I imagine Gwendolyn, and since I almost never have a clear picture of my characters in my head, I thought I’d better save the song for The Lady Most Likely….

  • “Starry Eyed Surprise” Paul Oakenfold

    I love how falling in love takes Alec and Gwendolyn completely by surprise.

  • “You and the Mona Lisa” Shawn Colvin

    This isn’t my favorite song on Colvin’s wonderful album A Few Small Repairs, but Gwendolyn is always getting compared to pieces of art, and something about the melody seemed to fit her personality, too. (P.S. If you’re interested, my favorite song on the album is “New Thing Now.”).

  • “Mysterious Ways” by U2

    Poor Alec seems constantly befuddled by the females in his life, whether it’s Gwendolyn or his sister. I think this song could be his anthem.

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