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E! News

Bridgerton Author Julia Quinn Is Just Having the Best Time

Jan 28, 2021

Who among us doesn’t desperately want a happy ending right now?

The Guardian

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn: “I’ve been dinged by the accuracy police – but it’s fantasy!”

Jan 12, 2021

“This is already romantic fantasy, and I think it’s more important to show that as many people as possible deserve this type of happiness and dignity. So I think they made the absolutely right choice, bringing in all this inclusivity.”

The Washington Post

How ‘Bridgerton’ flipped the script on ‘The Duke and I’

Jan 12, 2021

…there’s a double-edged sword when we rely on pop culture for history.

New York Times

For Television and Romance Novels, Love at Last?

Dec 28, 2020

The new Netflix series “Bridgerton” joins a tiny but growing handful of prestige shows adapted from mass-market romance books. What took so long?

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Good Morning America

Behind the Scenes of ‘Bridgerton’

Dec 29, 2020

JQ on GMA!

Oprah Magazine

Bridgerton Novelist Julia Quinn Is the Netflix Show’s Biggest Fan

Dec 27, 2020

“I can’t believe how fortunate I am,” Julia tells


Netflix’s Regency Romance will Leave You Hot, Bothered, and Begging for More

Dec 21, 2020

“Bridgerton is a deceptively genius show that will seduce viewers as easily as any rake in any romance novel steals his lady’s heart.”


Bridgerton Is a Heady, Inviting Fantasy of Pleasure and True Love

Dec 21, 2020

“A beguiling example of what can happen when romance is allowed to belong to characters who aren’t all straight and white, and a fanfare-and-confetti reminder of what the genre can be at its best.”

New York Times

With ‘Bridgerton,’ Scandal Comes to Regency England

Dec 18, 2020

An in-depth article that touches upon many aspects of the show, from the the moment Shonda Rhimes handed Chris Van Dusen The Duke and I to the deliberate casting choices, and the careful choreography of the intimate scenes. Bonus: gorgeous photography.

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Julia Quinn on Seeing Her ‘Bridgerton’ Novels Transformed for TV

Dec 9, 2020

Julia Quinn dives into her process and what’s getting her excited about Shondaland’s Bridgerton series on Netflix.

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