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Hotel Angeline

Jan 1, 2011

In early 2010, Julia Quinn received a very strange email from her friend and neighbor, Garth Stein (author of The Art of Racing in the Rain). Would she be interested in participating in a group writing project, with the proceeds going to charity? It would require not much more than an afternoon of her time.
“Sure!” JQ replied, after having skimmed the email to the “not much more than an afternoon” part. It was only after she’d said yes that she read Garth’s email more closely. She wasn’t just going to write a chapter of a novel, she was going to write a chapter ON STAGE. With a LIVE FEED to the internet. And people weren’t just going to be watching her type, they would be able to see her computer screen. In other words, when she typed a sentence, deleted it, then typed the exact same sentence again, the entire world would see it. And when she deleted that sentence and then typed it again, they’d see that, too. (Note: JQ says that she had no idea how often she wrote the same sentence over and over again until she did it in front of the entire internet. And the one guy drinking coffee in the audience.)