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Dobrý den

19 September 2014


Did you know that fifteen of JQ’s books have been translated into Czech? The cover pictured here, Noc jako ta dnešní, is the Czech translation of the second novel in JQ’s current series, the Smythe-Smith QuartetA Night Like This.

Do you have a photo of yourself with a JQ novel in Czech Republic—or any of the other ten countries we’ve published in Around the World? Send it to us and we’ll post it on the page!


31 July 2014

Welcome, Hungary! Sixteen of JQ’s books have been translated into Hungarian, including one of her first, Splendid, cover pictured at right, released as Csudajó in Hungary.

Check out the Hungary page in Julia Quinn Around the World for all the covers, translated blurbs, and order links!

Cover Reveal!

16 July 2014

How gorgeous is the cover of The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy? See for yourself!

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