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Julia Quinn is proud to serve as an Ambassador for EveryLibrary, and in this Shondaland article, Quinn talks about how she’s using her platform for good, what her work with Every Library consists of. She and her husband also support a number of other organizations and charities, a partial list of which can be found at the bottom of this page.


From JQ: Our right to read freely is under attack, and I cannot remain on the sidelines. As a kid I visited the library every week, and as an adult, I plan to advocate for them every day. I’m honored to be an inaugural Ambassador for EveryLibrary and can only echo Walter Cronkite: “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

About EveryLibrary

Building Voter Support and Sustainable Funding for Libraries

EveryLibrary logoEveryLibrary is the nation’s first and only Political Action Committee dedicated to supporting local library ballot initiatives through voter education and political action. They offer pro bono help in four ways:

  1. By training library staff, trustees, and volunteers to plan and run effective Information Only campaigns;
  2. By assisting local Vote Yes committees on planning and executing Get Out the Vote work for their library’s measure;
  3. By speaking directly to the public about the value and relevance of libraries and librarians;
  4. By collecting data and conducting research about activating voters and the public to support libraries.

Since their founding in 2012, EveryLibrary has provided pro bono support to over 130 library communities at the ballot box with 99 wins and 32 losses They Have helped secure over $2.8 billion in stable annual tax revenue for operations and facilities across those various tax measures.

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Building Coalitions and Supporting Local Grassroots Opposition to Censorship

In addition to the proactive work EveryLibrary does supporting library funding measures, they are also on the vanguard of the political fight against censorship, tracking book bans, tracking and fighting anti-access, anti-library legislation,and supporting grassroots groups fighting censorship in local communities across the country through their Fight For The First platform.

100% Donor Supported

EveryLibrary is 100% donor supported. Their work is powered by donations from thousands of Americans like you.


Other Organizations JQ Supports

The following is a partial listing of the charities and organizations JQ supports:

The Cotler Scholarship at Summer Science Program



Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Partners in Health

The Sierra Club Foundation

Planned Parenthood

The National Network of Abortion Funds

The Trevor Project

Sandy Hook Promise




Seattle-focused groups:

Mary’s Place


Rainier Scholars


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