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Julia Quinn talks about her new book that has inside jokes for Bridgerton readers

May 4, 2022

Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron is a graphic novel created in collaboration with Quinn’s late sister, Violet Charles. It contains lots of inside jokes for Bridgerton readers: pigeons, especially.

Entertainment Weekly

Gossip Girls: The cast of Bridgerton spills all the tea on a sizzling Season 2

Feb 3, 2022

Bridgerton is intent on having its pastel-colored cake and eating it, too.

Marie Claire

Julia Quinn’s Bookshelves Are (Naturally) Filled With ‘Bridgerton’ Memorabilia

Nov 8, 2021

The historical romance novelist gives us a peek of her home library in MC’s ‘Shelf Portrait’ series.

Julia Quinn shares her favorite books in 'Shelf Portrait'

The Straits Times

Singapore Writers Festival: Bridgerton author Julia Quinn defends romance

Nov 7, 2021

Julia Quinn, the author behind steamy Regency-era series Bridgerton, laid out a spirited defence of the romance novel in a lively virtual session at the Singapore Writers Festival.

NFL Total Access Twitter Feed

Bridgerton invades the NFL Draft

Apr 26, 2021

We did not see this one coming.

Good Morning America

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: New covers of the Bridgerton novels released

Mar 16, 2021

Following the success of the “Bridgerton” television series, the “Bridgerton” novels are getting a revamp.

E! News

Bridgerton Author Julia Quinn Is Just Having the Best Time

Jan 28, 2021

Who among us doesn’t desperately want a happy ending right now?

The Guardian

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn: “I’ve been dinged by the accuracy police – but it’s fantasy!”

Jan 12, 2021

“This is already romantic fantasy, and I think it’s more important to show that as many people as possible deserve this type of happiness and dignity. So I think they made the absolutely right choice, bringing in all this inclusivity.”

The Washington Post

How ‘Bridgerton’ flipped the script on ‘The Duke and I’

Jan 12, 2021

…there’s a double-edged sword when we rely on pop culture for history.

New York Times

For Television and Romance Novels, Love at Last?

Dec 28, 2020

The new Netflix series “Bridgerton” joins a tiny but growing handful of prestige shows adapted from mass-market romance books. What took so long?

Click here to read the beginning if you don’t have a New York Times subscription. You can also create an online account for free.

Good Morning America

Behind the Scenes of ‘Bridgerton’

Dec 29, 2020

JQ on GMA!

Oprah Magazine

Bridgerton Novelist Julia Quinn Is the Netflix Show’s Biggest Fan

Dec 27, 2020

“I can’t believe how fortunate I am,” Julia tells


Netflix’s Regency Romance will Leave You Hot, Bothered, and Begging for More

Dec 21, 2020

“Bridgerton is a deceptively genius show that will seduce viewers as easily as any rake in any romance novel steals his lady’s heart.”


Bridgerton Is a Heady, Inviting Fantasy of Pleasure and True Love

Dec 21, 2020

“A beguiling example of what can happen when romance is allowed to belong to characters who aren’t all straight and white, and a fanfare-and-confetti reminder of what the genre can be at its best.”

New York Times

With ‘Bridgerton,’ Scandal Comes to Regency England

May 20, 2022

An in-depth article that touches upon many aspects of the show, from the the moment Shonda Rhimes handed Chris Van Dusen The Duke and I to the deliberate casting choices, and the careful choreography of the intimate scenes. Bonus: gorgeous photography.

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Julia Quinn on Seeing Her ‘Bridgerton’ Novels Transformed for TV

Dec 9, 2020

Julia Quinn dives into her process and what’s getting her excited about Shondaland’s Bridgerton series on Netflix.


Bridgerton’s Costume Designer on What it Took to Create Netflix’s Regency Romp

Dec 6, 2020

Ahead of its Christmas Day release, Emmy Award-winning costume designer Ellen Mirojnick talks us through the series’ show stopping outfits.

The Oprah Magazine

What to Know About Bridgerton, Netflix’s Dreamy New Period Drama

Nov 2, 2020

It’s already our favorite new show.


How Bridgerton’s Costume Designer Put Together Its Gaudiest, Tackiest Dresses (on Purpose)

Nov 19, 2020

The costume designer made the Featherton’s gowns “overdecorated and overzealous and over the top.”

Entertainment Weekly

How Bridgerton is poised to revolutionize romance on television

Nov 13, 2020

Lace up your corset and put up your dukes.

Romance At A Glance

Podcast: Julia Quinn discusses life and writing

Oct 19, 2020

JQ talks about life and writing.
Listen to the whole podcast →

Entertainment Weekly

Bridgerton Drops First Look Photos, Reveals Release Date

Oct 15, 2020

Netflix has finally issued our invitation to the ball.

Southern Living

Bridgerton Is a New Netflix Costume Drama Featuring Julie Andrews

Jun 15, 2020

“Netflix describes the upcoming show this way, “Based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels, this series unfolds in the sexy, lavish and competitive world of Regency London high society.” It promises to be a delicious comedy of manners—and with Golden Globe winner Rhimes’s track record in television, we’re betting it will be a new favorite that we’ll enjoy for years to come.”


‘Bridgerton’: Everything You Need to Know About Shonda Rhimes’ First Netflix Show

Oct 28, 2019

Good news: Shondaland has aggregated every actor you’ve ever liked in a small role and elevated them to a lead, put them in glorious costumes and filmed them in some of the most scenic parts of England, like Bath. If there is one show next year that is going to push costume drama glam to the max and make stars out of its cast, it is this one.

Click over for photos of pretty much the entire cast.


Julie Andrews To Voice-over Lady Whistledown In Shondaland’s Bridgerton Series For Netflix

Jun 19, 2019

Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music star Julie Andrews is the first actor officially cast in Shondaland’s Untitled Bridgerton Project, an hourlong period series for Netflix based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling series of novels. Andrews will voice the pivotal character of Lady Whistledown in eight-episode series, slated to premiere in 2020.


This Valentine’s Day, Make A Date With A Book

Feb 13, 2019

“The number of romance novels I have read is vast; the number I have reread again and again is about five. One of those is Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn.”

Women's World Magazine

Women’s World Features The Other Miss Bridgerton in Top Spot for Romance

Dec 3, 2018

No other romance beats it — The Other Miss Bridgerton is Women’s World Magazine’s Top Pick in Romance for their December 3, 2018 issue. Click through to see the page from the printed issue.

Entertainment Weekly

How Hollywood is rekindling the rom-com — with the help of romance novels

Aug 16, 2018

“All you need is love — a precept romance novels live by with the notion of the HEA (happily-ever-after) embedded in their DNA. But it’s a message Hollywood seemed to forget over the past decade, with mourners tolling the bell for the death of the rom-com.”

Deadline | Hollywood

Shondaland Unveils Netflix Series Slate

Jul 20, 2018

“From the world of Regency England all the way to present day Manhattan, we at Shondaland have a wonderful opportunity to explore new worlds and tell these stories in many different ways,” said Shondaland’s Betsy Beers.

The New York Times

Shonda Rhimes Describes Her Grand Netflix Ambitions

Jul 20, 2018

In this in-depth interview with Shonda Rhimes, the star producer reveals the eight shows she plans to make for Netflix, one of which is: “An adaptation of a group of lush romance novels set in Regency England — the Bridgerton Series, by Julia Quinn — that Scandal veteran Chris Van Dusen will turn into a dramatic series.”

The Books Behind Shondaland’s New Netflix Shows

Jul 23, 2018

“Before you binge, read these first.”

Town & Country

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Family Series Is Heading to Netflix

Jul 23, 2018

The streaming platform is bringing a new adaptation of the historical romance to the small screen.

Podcast: Julia Quinn talks about being a writer

Jun 22, 2017

Authorized: Sex and Romance

Apr 11, 2017

Grab your earbuds and listen as JQ shares what it’s like to be published all over the world, and plays a trivia game with Faith about Romance novel titles.


Capitolina entrevista: Julia Quinn

Mar 13, 2017

Online magazine Capitolina interviewed JQ about during her recent Brazilian book tour.

Antelope Valley Press

Hearts Flutter, Pulses Quicken

Apr 22, 2016

Palmdale, California’s Antelope Valley Lifestyle magazine ran a lovely feature on JQ when she did a book signing at the local Barnes & Noble.

Vai Lendo

The Strength and Courage of Julia Quinn

Sep 9, 2015

An interview with Julia Quinn, in Portuguese.

The Washington Post

If You’ve Never Read Romance Novels, Start Here

Aug 8, 2015

So says The Washington Post about the Bridgerton series in a recent Act Four Opinion piece by columnist Alyssa Rosenberg.

Romance Writers of America

JQ is RWA’s national conference 2015 featured speaker

Aug 12, 2015

Every year at RWA’s national conference, Friday begins with a featured speaker chosen for her achievements in the writing world. For the 2015 conference in New York City, JQ was that speaker.


The Bridgertons turn 15, and NPR throws a party

Mar 21, 2015

“With the Bridgertons, Quinn has created a family so likable and attractive, a community so vibrant and engaging, that we want to crawl into the pages and know them.”

USATODAY happy ever after blog

We Want Our Julia Quinn … on MTV (Hive)

Aug 30, 2015

JQ spoke with USA Today about how she ended up in the music video for the song Belle of the Ball by Ephrata, and why music videos have been on her radar since the 1980s.

Tulsa World

Romance authors visit Tulsa Central Library

Jun 6, 2012

JQ was interviewed by Tulsa World and talked about her earliest efforts at writing.

USA Today Happy Ever After

Julia Quinn still can’t turn a cartwheel.

Jun 3, 2012

Also, find out what she would sing on The Gong Show in this irreverent interview for USA Today‘s Happy Ever After blog.

International Business Times

The Romancing Of Julia Quinn: A Night Like This Author Talks Genre, Critics, Downton Abbey

Apr 24, 2015

In a funny and revealing interview, JQ spoke with International Business Times about A Night Like This, the romance genre, her dad’s appearance on The Gong Show, and gushed about Downton Abbey.

RT Book Reviews

Quinn of the Pack

Oct 25, 2011

JQ shares about her books, her career, and her inability to turn a cartwheel.

Hotel Angeline


Jan 1, 2011

In early 2010, Julia Quinn received a very strange email from her friend and neighbor, Garth Stein (author of The Art of Racing in the Rain). Would she be interested in participating in a group writing project, with the proceeds going to charity? It would require not much more than an afternoon of her time.

Huffington Post

What Happens in London named one of “Five Great Book Videos”

Oct 8, 2009

JQ’s video for What Happens in London was featured on The Huffington Post. Hers is second: the Best Example of Keeping It Simple.

USA Today

Hipsters Lust for Romance

Jul 6, 2009

Scholarly writers empower women in derided genre. JQ was featured in this USA Today article.

Risky Regencies

Risky Regencies features Julia Quinn

Oct 27, 2008

JQ talks with a fellow author about the pair of books that follow the Bridgertons.

Seattle Woman

A Valentine’s Day Treat!

Feb 14, 2008

The February 2008 issue of Seattle Woman features JQ with fellow powerhouses Jayne Ann Krentz and Susan Andersen.

Seattle Magazine

JQ was in great company in Seattle Magazine.

Oct 11, 2007

Romance ain’t what it used to be—at least when it comes to fiction. A decade ago the industry began to change dramatically…

Romantic Times BOOKclub

A Hero for Hyacinth

Jun 20, 2005

JQ talks about the youngest Bridgerton.

Publishers Weekly

The Strongest Link

May 12, 2003

Julia Quinn received a rare starred review in Publishers Weekly

Rewriting the Romance

Feb 3, 2003

The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown gets featured in Time Magazine! Lev Grossman interviews JQ.

To the Best of our Knowledge

JQ interviewed on To the Best of our Knowledge

Feb 10, 2002

Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas were interviewed on To the Best of our Knowledge, a Public Radio International news program.

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