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A wallflower and her best friend, followed by that other guy.

The Bevelstoke Series

About the Bevelstoke Series

The Bevelstoke Series is less of a series than it is a collection of novels that had secondary characters I wanted to write about. I started with The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever which was about the aforementioned Miranda and Turner Bevelstoke. Turner’s sister Olivia was so much fun that I wrote What Happens in London in which she falls in love with Sir Harry Valentine. But Sir Harry had a cousin named Sebastian Grey, who almost stole the show (in fact, some might say he did; see Chapter 17). So Sebastian got his story in Ten Things I Love About You.

I have a feeling this is a never-ending process, because there are at least three secondary characters from London and Ten Things who need stories of their own…

And of course, who could forget about Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, featured heavily in both What Happens in London and Ten Things I Love About You. So fun!

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