Why was there no mention of Lady Whistledown in To Sir Phillip, With Love? I thought for sure there would be a scene where Eloise learned the truth!

Because Lady Whistledown had nothing to do with the plot for To Sir Phillip, With Love. The introduction of Lady Whistledown and “the big secret” would have been irrelevant, not to mention confusing for readers who have not read the previous Bridgerton books.

I do like to refer to items from previous books (Anthony’s fear of bees, for example, or Colin’s ravenous appetite) but only when they make sense within the framework of the story I’m currently telling. While the Bridgerton books are a loosely connected series, each title, first and foremost, must stand on its own as an individual novel.

Readers wanted to see Eloise’s reaction so much, however, that I ended up writing a 2nd Epilogue about it. So if you’ve been dying to see Eloise completely flummoxed, check out Romancing Mr. Bridgerton: The 2nd Epilogue.

Did You Know?

To Sir Phillip, With Love was not my initial choice for a title. I wanted to call it The Importance of Being Eloise. But Sir Phillip has grown on me, and now I think it was the right decision.

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