Inside How to Marry a Marquis - Julia Quinn

Inside How to Marry a Marquis

Book 2 in the
Agents of the Crown
  • How to Marry a Marquis is a book for which the title came way before the story. And then, while I was brainstorming the book (it took so long to brainstorm I wrote To Catch an Heiress first!) America went crazy over The Rules. (If you don’t know what this is, The Rules was a monster-bestseller that basically told women how to find a husband.) Suddenly I thought—What if a book like The Rules had come out in Regency?
  • Other fun points of interest—the main characters are all named after old alma maters. Elizabeth Hotchkiss is named after my high school (The Hotchkiss School) and James Sidwell, Marquis of Riverdale, is a nod toward my husband’s education (he went to elementary and middle school at Sidwell Friends, then transferred to The Riverdale Country School for high school when he moved to New York.) Elizabeth is also my cousin’s name, and her younger sisters are named after my mom and her twin sister, Jane and Susan. Lucas (the brother) isn’t named after anybody; I just liked the name!
  • Marquis_malcolmAnd lest I forget, Malcolm the cat is real. He’s actually a combination of my mother’s cat, affectionately known as psychokitty, and my sister’s cat Malcolm (pictured at right). You can read the book and decide which cat donated the personality and which donated the looks.
  • If you look hard you might find my buddy and fellow author Danelle Harmon. She’s right in there with William Dunford, the hero from Minx, who makes a brief appearance (he’s still a bachelor in How to Marry a Marquis, which actually takes place before Minx.)
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