Inside Minx - Julia Quinn

Inside Minx

Book 3 in the
Splendid Trilogy
  • Check out Dunford in How To Marry a Marquis. He’s got a minor (but fun!) part. Even though How To Marry a Marquis was written after Minx, it takes place several years earlier, so Dunford is still very much a rakish bachelor. It was kind of fun to write his scene, all the while thinking, “Heh heh, you have NO idea what I’ve got in store for you!”
  • Unfortunately, I found out that the Brazilian-Portuguese translator of How To Marry a Marquis swapped Dunford’s name with that of the villain. I was aghast! Now one of my nicest heroes is attacking women! (But only in Brazil.) I am happy to report, however, that the errant version of Como se casar com um marquês is now out of print, a new version was published in Brazil in 2021, and Dunford is back to his gentlemanly ways.
  • Charles Wycombe, the hero of Brighter Than the Sun, is a very minor character in Minx and mentions that he needs to marry soon. When I wrote Minx, I had no idea what his desperate situation was, but I figured it would be a great set-up for another book.
  • Rufus the bunny was inspired by my own houserabbit, Rutherford (Rufie for short.) Unlike Rufus, my sweet bunny has never chewed up important documents. (He did, however, take a big chunk out of a Lisa Kleypas novel.)
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