Inside Scottish Brides - Julia Quinn

Inside Scottish Brides

  • Gretna Greene came by its name because I’ve always been jealous of the mystery writers who get to use such fun puns in their titles. Unfortunately, the romance market doesn’t really have much use for punny titles (The Flame and the Flour, anyone? It’s a marvelous historical romance about two pastry chefs.). With a novella, however, the title of the story doesn’t go on the cover of the book, so I can get as punny as I like. Which is why Gretna Green, the historical village on the border of Scotland and England, became Gretna Greene, in honor of my hero, Angus Greene.
  • Margaret’s last name, Pennypacker, may sound awfully goofy, but it’s actually the name of my freshman dorm! My dad also lived in Pennypacker Hall, 27 years before I did (and three rooms down the hall.)

    Pennypacker Hall, Harvard University. My room was the one right over the entrance, with the balcony. (Right-most window.) My boyfriend once climbed up to go through the window when he couldn’t find someone to let him in the locked front door. And Reader, I married him! (Public domain as per Wikimedia Commons.)
  • To learn more about the other stories in the anthology, please visit the websites of the other authors: Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, and Karen Ranney.
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