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Inside The Lady Most Likely…

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Ladies Most
  • When Eloisa James, Connie Brockway, and I decided that we were going to collaborate on a novel in three parts, we knew that we would need to get together to plot the book and develop the characters. So we took a fabulous long weekend to New Orleans—we got a ton of work done (and gained about six pounds—each!)
  • The original title for The Lady Most Likely… was The List. Eventually we decided that even though it fit the book very well, it wasn’t very interesting, so we changed it.
  • Alec’s name was originally Marcus. I changed it because I realized that I’m running out of good hero names. Since I already had an Alex (in Splendid), I figured I was unlikely to use Alec for a full-length novel. I ended up using Marcus as the hero’s name in Just Like Heaven.
  • Gwendolyn is often compared to Botticelli’s Venus in his seminal painting The Birth of Venus.

    Public domain as per Wikipedia.
  • Gwendolyn’s mother makes up an impromptu song called, “A House Party La La La.” This was inspired by “A Weekend in the Country,” from the Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music.
  • Eloisa James named the local village Parsley, so naturally I had to name the inn The Sage and Thyme. There is no mention of an innkeeper, but I am sure his wife is named Rosemary.
  • I loved the Duke of Bretton’s dry sense of humor so much in The Lady Most Likely… that when we decided to team up again for The Lady Most Willing…, I quickly claimed him as my hero. He is the only connection between the two collaborations, though.
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