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Book Dedications

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Dedication forThe Further Observations of Lady Whistledown

For Karen, Suzie, and Mia—
What chutzpah.

And also for Paul, even though he almost threw my laptop off the balcony.
(It wasn’t the computer’s fault, honey.)

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Dedication for Minx

For Fran Lebowitz—a wonderful agent, wonderful friend.

And for Paul, even though he kept asking, “Where are all the minks?”

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Dedication for Dancing at Midnight

For my father, who never forgot to tell me how proud he is of me. I am proud of you, too!

And for Paul, even though he seemed to think the story could be improved by moving the whole thing to the rainforest.

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Dedication for Splendid

For my mother, who let me drag her to all those bookstores

And for Paul, even though he insisted that the title ought to be Splendid in the Grass.

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Dedication for Brighter Than the Sun

For Auntie Susan—
Thank you.
—Miss Julie

And for Paul, even though he just doesn’t understand why I can’t end all my titles with
exclamation points.

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Dedication for Everything and The Moon

For Lyssa Keusch, my most excellent editor and protector of all things chartreuse, puce, and brackish green. This paint chip’s for you!

And for Paul, even though he wants me to call the sequel Everything and Baboon.

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Dedication for How to Marry a Marquis

In Loving Memory
Ted Cotler, 1915-1973
Rutherford Swatzburg, 1910-1992
Betty Goldblatt Swatzburg, 1910-1997
Edith Block Cotler, 1917-1998
Ernest Anderson, 1911-1998

I stand upon your shoulders every day of my life.

And for Paul, even though he seems to think he can get out of just about anything by saying, “You’re very cute, though.”

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Dedication for To Catch an Heiress

For Mama Chiks, Sister Song, Freener, and Nosk from Bools.

And also for Paul, even though it’s a miracle I got this book finished at all since he kept stealing my computer to play DOOM.

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Dedication for Mr. Cavendish, I Presume

In loving memory
Mildred Block Cantor 1920-2008
Everyone should have an Aunt Millie

An also for Paul,
But I think that I’ll keep you all to myself…

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Dedication for Just Like Heaven

For Pam Spenger-Jaffee—You are a goddess in every way.

And also for Paul, even though when I went to him for medical advice to save my ailing hero, he replied, “He has to die.”