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Quinn-tessential Quotes

You know when you are reading and you hit a line that sums up the whole feeling of the book? Readers regularly post their favorite lines to Facebook, and there is usually a consensus at to which is quintessentially that book.

A Favorite Quote from Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Colin decided then and there that the female mind was a strange and incomprehensible organ – one which no man should even attempt to understand. There wasn’t a woman alive who could go from point A to B without stopping at C, D, X, and 12 along the way.

A Favorite Quote from An Offer From A Gentleman

It suddenly made sense. Only twice in his life had he felt this inexplicable, almost mystical attraction to a woman. He’d thought it remarkable, to have found two, when in his heart he’d always believed there was only one perfect woman out there for him.

His heart had been right. There was only one.

A Favorite Quote from The Viscount Who Loved Me

“Oh, bloody hell,” Anthony swore, completely forgetting that he was in the company of the woman he planned to make his wife. “She’s got the mallet of death.”

A Favorite Quote from The Duke and I

“Men are sheep. Where one goes the rest will soon follow”

A Favorite Quote from Scottish Brides

“Annabel Fornby was a hideous snob, Camilla Ferrige had no sense of humor, and Penelope Fitch was dumb as a post. Margaret had once heard Penelope recite the alphabet and leave out the J and Q.”

A Favorite Quote from To Catch An Heiress

It occurred to Blake as he was eating supper later that night that he would very much like to kill Miss Caroline Trent. It also occurred to him that this was not a new emotion. She hadn’t just turned his life upside down; she’d flipped it sideways, pulled it inside out, and, at certain unmentionable times, lit a fire under it.

A Favorite Quote from Minx

You don’t always have to kiss a lot of frogs to recognize a prince when you find one.

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