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A few of my books have trailers, and then I have a few videos about specific books. Enjoy!

Because of Miss Bridgerton Prologue

“But wait,” you say. “There isn’t a Prologue to Because of Miss Bridgerton.”

You are indeed correct. The book begins with Chapter One, by which point the cat and Billie are both stuck. But if there was a prologue, it would go something like this:

This hapless feline is JQ’s sister’s cat, who went through a few weeks one winter of not learning that she couldn’t get down on her own.

She’s cute, though.

JQ appears in Ephrata’s Belle of the Ball music video

JQ spoke with both USA Today and MTVhive about about how she ended up in this music video. Read all about it.

What Happens in London’s video promo

JQ’s video for What Happens in London was featured on The Huffington Post. After watching, you can read the interview about the making of the video.

[Video] JQ and Eloisa James talk about The Lady Most Likely

Ten Things I Love About You’s video promo

JQ interviewed on Google Hangout!

Video feat. Eloisa James: An Offer From a Gentleman

Just Like Heaven Video

The books and the shows come together here.