Which Wyndham book comes first? - Julia Quinn

Which Wyndham book comes first?

Neither! Even though The Lost Duke of Wyndham was released first, these two books take place at the same time and can be read in any order: Here’s why:

Once I realized I was going to be writing about both of the possible dukes, it became clear that I would be writing two books instead of one. At first I thought I would write them sequentially, with one picking up where the other ended, but as I delved into the plotting, I realized that there were so many scenes that were crucial to both sets of characters. I couldn’t bear, for example, to show the big reveal scene (when the characters learn who is the real duke) from only one hero’s point of view. So I ended up with two novels that took place at the exact same time. This means that there are many scenes that take place in both books, but you see the events through a different characters’ eyes.

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