Why do all your characters take tea the same way? - Julia Quinn

Why do all your characters take tea the same way?

“Milk, no sugar.”

JQ: Yes, there is a reason almost all my characters take their tea this way, but my reason for this is far more mundane — in my opinion, anyway — than the numerous ways readers have asked me about it. For instance:

“Why do all your male characters take their tea with milk and no sugar?”

JQ: It’s not just all the male characters. It’s ALL the characters. Except Hyacinth. She takes hers with lots of sugar. Why? I couldn’t tell you except that when I was writing her tea scene it just seemed obvious.

“Is ‘milk, no sugar’ the most popular way the members of the ton took their tea, and if so, can you share your research for this?”

JQ: I don’t think there was a most popular way. I think people just took it the way they liked it.

“Was declining sugar for tea your way to show that your heroes weren’t foppish?”

JQ: Nope.


The reason is simple. My characters take their tea the way I take my tea.

Coffee, however… coffee needs sugar.

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