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Who is Paul? You dedicate all of your books to him.

Paul is my husband. He is a physician, specializing in infectious diseases. He is also a mountaineer, a former Junior Olympic fencer, and an all-around excellent human being.

And yes, I dedicate all my novels to Paul.

Do you work at a treadmill desk?

Yes! I do about half my writing at home on a treadmill desk and half at a café (since sometimes I just need to get out of the house.) A lot of people tell me that they are too uncoordinated to work at a treadmill desk, but that’s not true–if you can walk and talk on your phone at the same, you can type while walking slowly. Trust me, I’m uncoordinated and have terrible balance, and I have no trouble whatsoever.

The important part is to remember that you’re not at the gym. In other words, you’re not trying to work up a sweat. You’re just trying to be not sitting on your behind. I usually walk at 1.2 mph while I work. It’s not very fast, but you’d be surprised how quickly the miles add up. I can work all afternoon and then look down and realize I’ve walked five miles!

If you’re interested in a treadmill desk, here’s a link to an updated version of the kind I have.

Have you ever written category romances for Silhouette?

No. Wade Connor’s Revenge (1992) and Birthright (1993), both by Silhouette Intimate Moments, were written by another author writing as Julia Quinn. All books currently being released under the name Julia Quinn, however, are by me.

Where do you get your ideas?

I really don’t know where I get my story ideas. The books tend to start in different ways. Sometimes it starts with a cool title (How To Marry A Marquis) and sometimes with an opening sentence (To Catch An Heiress). Other times I have a character before I have a book idea (Simon in the The Duke And I.) To be honest, I don’t really care where I get my ideas–as long as they keep coming!

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