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How can I check to see if I am already subscribed to the JQ Newsletter? How can I update the email address you have for me?

Checking and changing your email address are each only a few steps. Please go to JQ’s sign up spot, and select which (or both!) of JQ’s direct notification options you want to check — she has two! One for all the news (more frequent) and one for just the biggest news (less frequent).

Check your email address: enter your email address in the subscription box where it says “Your Email Address, Please” and click SUBSCRIBE or SIGN-UP! If you weren’t already subscribed, you are now halfway to being securely on the list. One more step: look for an email with the subject line: “Julia Quinn Newsletter Subscription Verification.” It’s an automated form email asking for you  confirmation of your subscription request. Just click the confirmation link as per the emailed instructions and then you will be on the list.

If the email address you are subscribing already exists on our list, you will not receive an email confirmation.

Change/update your email address: Also only a few easy steps. Follow the link above and look for this link: “Change your email or unsubscribe →” under the subscription box and follow the prompts.

Did you do your own website?

To quote myself, this sort of thing is best left to professionals. In this case, however, I’m pretty lucky in that my sister Emily runs a design studio, so I hired her. Emily has designed quite a few websites, including several for other romance authors. To see more of her work, visit her site at Waxcreative Design.

The books and the shows come together here.