Autographed for the Holidays? - Julia Quinn

Autographed for the Holidays?

December 3, 2023

What could be better than a Signed-by-JQ gift? It’s not too late! But shipping realities being what they are, TeamJQ has some information and dates to keep in mind, and a few ideas to help make your JQ-gifting a holiday reality.

 JQ’s TIMING: If you’ve been following JQ on her socials, you know she’s currently on holiday with family through December 17. She’s planning to go to the bookstore the day after her return. So please order by December 17.

PERSONALIZED ORDERS: As ever, JQ is happy to personalize books (please see step 3 in JQ’s HOW TO ORDER section on this site’s autographed page), but personalized orders won’t ship until after December 18 (and be sure to order by December 17).

 SIGNED BY JQ, BUT NOT PERSONALIZED? “Quinn Central” as they call it at University Bookstore, is currently bursting with books, games, puzzles, and tea tins that JQ pre-signed before she left on her trip. If you don’t want/need your order personalized, place your order, and if your selection is still in stock, the bookstore will ship right away.

SHIPPING: Whether you order personalized or not, we recommend you select 2-day shipping. Even so, the bookstore cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery (and for sure not a Hanukkah delivery) even with 2-day shipping. Please plan accordingly.

IN THE SEATTLE AREA? YES! You can pick up your order and bypass all this shipping nonsense. Select “Pickup in Store” before you Add to Cart. If you want your order personalized, be sure to order by December 17.

NOTE TO ELF: Worried your order won’t make it in time for your holiday celebration? Why not print out the image of the Signed-by-JQ gift you have ordered, then write out that it’s in the mail, and wrap the printout. Voila! Problem solved. (For those who haven’t printed out an image before without printing the whole page, simply right-click on the book cover and select Open Image in New Tab and then print. Easy-peasy!)

Happy December!

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