New from JQ: Inside the Story for First Comes Scandal - Julia Quinn

New from JQ: Inside the Story for First Comes Scandal

January 12, 2021

First Comes Scandal, a Bridgerton prequel in which Anthony and Benedict Bridgerton appear as spirited little boys, and readers are treated to Violet and Edmund as young parents, was named one of Amazon’s top books for 2020! It was even featured on a massive billboard near New York’s Penn Station.

First Comes Scandal tops 2020

New from JQ: her Inside the Story for First Comes Scandal is brand new on Find out more about baby Colin (who steals much limelight), about Cat-Head (who causes much mayhem), and about the medical school Nicholas attends (which has a history JQ loved diving into).

Read the beginning of First Comes Scandal, and if you haven’t read this delicious Bridgerton prequel, download it or order it today!

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The books and the shows come together here.