In Development - Julia Quinn

Status: In Development

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Get all the detail that we know so far in this news post. Watch this space for information as it becomes available, including: cover, availability of pre-order links, and release date for JQ’s new book! JQ promises: if she knows, you’ll know.

To see the first sneak peek, which JQ calls “The meet-cute to end all meet-cutes,” please follow this link.

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All New Rokesby Covers

Are you eager to find out what happened a generation before the famous A-H Bridgertons? The Rokesby Series is getting an updated look, with new mass market and hardcover editions being published summer 2022, and trade editions in 2023.

Because of Miss Bridgerton: 1/3/2023
The Girl with Make-Believe Husband: 1/3/2023
The Other Miss Bridgerton: 1/31/2023
First Comes Scandal: 1/31/2023


Mass Market & Hardcover
Because of Miss Bridgerton: now available
The Girl with Make-Believe Husband: now available
The Other Miss Bridgerton: now available
First Comes Scandal: now available