Inside Brighter Than the Sun - Julia Quinn

Inside Brighter Than the Sun

Book 2 in the
Lyndon Sisters
  • Brighter Than the Sun had the working title of The Color of the Sun. I had wanted Charles to say that Ellie’s hair was the exact color of the sun at sunset. In the end, however, I thought it would be more romantic for him to say it was actually brighter than the sun.
  • A lot of people have asked me why Robert and Victoria (hero and heroine of Everything And The Moon) never made an appearance in Brighter Than the Sun. The answer is that the plot wouldn’t allow it. If Victoria had been anywhere in the vicinity, her sister Ellie would have had the option of moving in with her, and thus would never have entered a marriage of convenience with Charles. It would have been a very short book.
  • Charles makes a very brief appearance in my third novel, Minx, when he offhandedly mentions that he needs to marry soon. When I wrote Minx, I had no idea what his desperate situation might be, but I figured it would be a great set-up for a future book.
  • The berry jam incident is entirely true. In 1988, my father sustained second-degree burns over 25% of his body, when a pressure cooker popped open (it was his fault; don’t go trashing your pressure cookers), and scalding hot plum jam exploded across the room. He was hospitalized for three days, but I’m happy to report he made a complete recovery. Thanks to my dad for providing me with all the details of the accident. Incidentally, it required a flotilla of housecleaners to clean the kitchen after the explosion. Picture a patina of plum, on every surface, in every nook and cranny.
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