Inside Dancing At Midnight - Julia Quinn

Inside Dancing At Midnight

Book 2 in the
Splendid Trilogy
  • Dancing At Midnight had the working title of Spellbound. I was never particularly attached to this title, though, and in fact had only chosen it because it went along with Splendid.
  • Of all my books, Dancing At Midnight required the most extensive revisions. In the original version, John’s main reason for pushing Belle away was societal strictures, not his feelings of remorse over what happened during the war. During the revision process, I learned that nothing is more extensive than changing a character’s motivation. I had to go through the book and reexamine every word and thought of John’s. It was a difficult and time-consuming job, but I think the book benefited greatly.
  • I will confess that unlike Belle, I have not read the complete works of Shakespeare. And I’m pretty sure I never will. I did, however, play the role of Luciana in my high school production of A Comedy of Errors. This is not to be eclipsed, however, by my pivotal performance as “woman of Verona #3” in Kiss Me, Kate, which is based on The Taming of the Shrew.
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