Inside Splendid - Julia Quinn

Inside Splendid

Book 1 in the
Splendid Trilogy
  • Emma is named after my sister Emily, who designed this website! Emma’s last name (Dunster) is named after my husband’s college dorm.
    Dunster House, with its iconic tower, is often featured in photos of Harvard and Charles River. Share Alike 2.5 image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
  • Westonbirt (Alex’s ancestral home), is actually the name of the boarding school I attended in England. Alex’s home wouldn’t have looked like my Westonbirt, though. The school’s main building was constructed during Victorian times, at least fifty years after Splendid took place.
    Westonbirt School, in Tetbury, Share Alike 3.0 image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. 
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