Soundtrack for On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn

Soundtrack for On the Way to the Wedding

  • “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes

    Okay, so only two of Gregory’s seven sibs were present at the ill-fated wedding, but every time I hear the line: “A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back,” I picture Gregory fighting his way to the altar.

  • “Belleville Rendez-Vous” from The Triplets of Belleville

    I watched the animated movie The Triplets of Belleville right when I was getting to work on On the Way to the Wedding, and I was so hooked by the music that I listened to the soundtrack constantly.

    A little something about the movie: Usually when I watch a movie or read a book, I can understand how someone might have thought of the idea, even if I myself could never have thought of it. With The Triplets of Belleville, I honestly don’t understand how anyone thought of it–it’s that fantastical and inventive.

    I’m still aghast that “Belleville Rendez-Vous” lost out best song at the Oscars to that boring Lord of The Rings thing.

  • “They” by Jem

    I was listening to Jem’s debut album Finally Woken pretty much whenever I wasn’t listening to The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack. I picked the first track because it reminds me a lot of the end of the On the Way to the Wedding, but the whole album is fabulous.

  • “The Impression that I Get” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

    “I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested. I’d like to think if I was, I would pass.”

    This line just always makes me think of Gregory (who did get tested, and I think he passed!)

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