Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Other Things - Julia Quinn

Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Other Things

May 23, 2018

By this time, you’ve probably heard about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). I don’t have any ad trackers on my site, but I do have a few subscriptions readers can use to stay connected: this Site News feed and my JQ Newsletter. Each does different things. Neither list is ever shared.

I have been re-permissioning my newsletter list all month, to be doubly sure everyone explicitly consents to giving me their information. Huge gratitude to everyone who has clicked on that link in their newsletter. If you haven’t seen these newsletters, please check your spam folder, or just go ahead and resubscribe if that’s easier. Thanks!

I’ve have also updated my privacy policy and I want to take a moment to remind you of my ongoing commitment to keeping you informed about how stores and uses the information we collect, including how we use Cookies, (if you are in the EU you are seeing a robust consent interface — I hope you will opt-in for the fullest experience).

Cookies are integral to so many parts of running this site. From making sure all my pretty fonts show up to the Facebook feed on my home page and so much more… Cookies. They make the internet go ’round.

Cookies of the chocolate chip variety are not part of my site — but in honor of the occasion, there is a giant one on a wee plate in front of me as I type this. Or rather, half of a giant cookie. Yum!

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