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Get your JQ comics here!

June 26, 2018

I have the best sisters. Older Sister created all my JQ graphics and designed this site. Younger Sister is a coding wiz and makes it all run smoothly, but Youngest Sister… Violet… she’s the comic illustrator. And over the last few years she’s come up with some really great JQ-inspired comics. They’re here on my website, and I’ve shared them on Facebook. So chances are, you’ve seen them.

Violet is active on Patreon, and every month she offers her Patrons a special bonus–a custom comic, drawn to coincide with a monthly theme: Creepy-Cute October, The Most Un-Romantic February… you get the picture. And now is the time I’m most glad my parents didn’t name me Gertrude, because check out the theme for July:

I’m a Patron, and I know some of you are, too. (Thanks!) But much like employees can’t enter their own company’s sweepstakes, I don’t think I can put in comic requests. So I’m counting on the rest of you. Anyone who signs up as a Patron before July 1 can request their very own JQ comic as a July-a reward offering.

You do not have to sign up to enjoy the drawings. Patrons get to see them first, of course, but they’ll all eventually show up here and on Facebook. But if you have a favorite scene, like Eloise’s brothers barging in on Phillip and Eloise in To Sir Phillip, With Love (Oldest Sister’s favorite scene) or Bridgerton Pall Mall (Younger Sister’s fave), you can only request it through Patreon.

(Youngest Sister says her favorite scene is where I fall asleep on the keyboard and cause Anthony to stammer at Kate instead of kiss her. Did I mention I have the best sisters?)

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