Is it tomorrow yet? - Julia Quinn

Is it tomorrow yet?

May 29, 2017

Here are ten things JQ-ish to pass the day until The Girl With the Make-Believe Husband releases tomorrow!

1. Remember that JQ has a book that starts with “Ten Things” and click over to watch that video book promo again. So fun!

2. Listen to a bunch of audio clips from JQ novels.

3. Click back and forth between the list of JQ’s heroines and heroes.

4. See the Prologue to Because of Miss Bridgerton.

5. Order your autographed copy of The Girl With the Make Believe Husband.

6. Read an excerpt… any excerpt.

7. Subscribe to JQ’s site news so you don’t miss any newly posted content — This is different from JQ’s newsletter, which you are probably subscribed to already. What? You’re not? Well, you should do it now!

8. Find out which scene JQ hears about most from her readers above all other scenes in her Inside The Viscount Who Loved Me.

9. Check out the comics: Bridgertons Over Troubled Waters.

10. Try to preorder your ebook of The Girl With the Make Believe Husband, just to make sure you already did. And then it will download at midnight tonight and you can stay up all night to see what happens.

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