Is it Tuesday yet? - Julia Quinn

Is it Tuesday yet?

November 17, 2018

The Other Miss Bridgerton lands in reader hands on Tuesday! Here are eight other Bridgerton (and Rokesby) things to do in the meantime:

1. Listen to an audio clip from The Duke and I, the novel that introduced Bridgertons to the world.

2. Pre-order an autographed copy of The Other Miss Bridgerton in paperback or hardcover. Bonus: You’ll get two JQ Keepsakes: a Bridgerton Bookmark, and (for pre-orders) an All Aboard fridge magnet.

3. Check out the list of all JQ’s books in setting chronological order. Then, for kicks, re-sort alphabetically by hero. Because haven’t you always wanted to read a list of JQ’s books sorted alphabetically by hero?

4. Skim all eight story summaries for the Bridgerton Second Epilogues to make sure you didn’t miss one.

5. Pre-order your ebook of The Other Miss Bridgerton, and then roll your eyes when you find out you ordered it six months ago. (Or breathe a sigh of relief when you realize you didn’t order it six months ago; either way, it means you’ll have it zapped to your e-reader at the stroke of midnight on release day.)

6. Squee again over Netflix’s plans for The Bridgertons! (Bookmark that post. It will be updated as info is released/confirmed.)

7. Skim through all 13 Bridgerton FAQ — there’s bound to be stuff you didn’t know.

8. Subscribe to JQ’s site news so you don’t miss any newly posted content — This is different from JQ’s newsletter, which you are probably subscribed to already. What? You’re not? The next one comes out in just a few days, so get signed up now!


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