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Many years ago I was on the phone with Eloisa James, and we were discussing the possibility of doing a project together, but she said she didn’t want to write a novella for an anthology. Readers often feel that the novella is too short, or the anthology feels disjointed, or (horrors!) readers choose to read only one or two of the novellas within the anthology. I told her about my experiences with The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown and Lady Whistledown Strikes Back, in which all four novellas occur simultaneously. I felt it had made for a much more cohesive reading experience.

That was when Eloisa had her “A-ha!” moment. What if instead of having four stories that occur at the same time, we approached the anthology in a more linear fashion and had the stories follow one right after another? We would keep the characters consistent and frame the book with an overarching plot that moves through each section. It would be a novel! A novel in four parts.

Or three. We quickly decided that where three authors would be fun, four would be an unwieldy nightmare. It took us less than a minute to decide to ask Connie Brockway to join in. We needed someone whose style and voice meshed well with ours, and more importantly, we are all good friends. We had so much fun writing The Lady Most Likely that we teamed up again for The Lady Most Willing. And while we don’t have firm plans for a third collaboration, we all want to do it, so it’s just a matter of time…

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