Character Profiles: Meet the Smythe-Smiths - Julia Quinn

Character Profiles: Meet the Smythe-Smiths

If you loved the Bridgertons, Wait until you meet the Smythe-Smiths! JQ invites you to enjoy four delightful, notoriously off-key romances featuring one governess who wishes she hadn’t let on that she could play piano, two dreadful musicales, three devoted-to-each-other, close-in-age cousins desperately looking for husbands, and four men with either secrets, self-loathing, people trying to kill them, or that age-old thick-headedness that prevents his male brain from realizing the love in front of him — or some combination of the above.

Please meet:

Honoria & Marcus, Just Like Heaven

Anne & Daniel, A Night Like This

Sarah & Hugh, The Sum of All Kisses

Iris & Richard, The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

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