How soon is Tuesday? - Julia Quinn

How soon is Tuesday?

April 17, 2020

First Comes Scandal will be available in just a few days, on TUESDAY APRIL 21, but you can read the first three chapters right now. Have you pre-ordered?

What to do while you wait for Tuesday? First, wash your hands (JQ is a big fan of handwashing!), then check out these fab features on

Who likes autographed books? Everyone, right? And we all want to support independent bookstores during this precarious time. That’s why JQ is partnering with University Book Store in Seattle to offer autographed copies of First Comes Scandal to readers around the world. You can purchase FCS is hardcover or paperback, and you can also buy autographed copies of JQ’s backlist, too! And if you want them personalized, she’ll do that, too! Plus, shipping is free for orders of $15 or more in the contiguous 48 states. Get all the details here.

Who likes to go back and revisit earlier books in the series? While you don’t have to have read any of the earlier Rokesby books to read First Comes Scandal, a lot of JQties have. Access Rokesby excerpts (including audio!), FAQ, and extras from the series page.

Who likes live video? Follow JQ on instagram. She’s been doing all sorts of live videos over there, both scheduled and spur-of-the-moment.

And upcoming events! Mark your calendar for online events! Then carve out some time on Tuesday, because you’re going to want to curl up with this new book!

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