A Bonus Scene from The Other Miss Bridgerton - Julia Quinn

A Bonus Scene from The Other Miss Bridgerton

March 22, 2020

Have you been meaning to read The Other Miss Bridgerton? You can start reading with first two chapters on my website if you want a little taste.

If you’ve already read The Other Miss Bridgerton, I have something for you, too: a deleted scene! And because we all need something a little special right now while we’re social distancing, at the end of my deleted scene is a link to one from Eloisa James!

The Other Miss Bridgerton is book 3 in the Rokesby series (though you can read them in any order). The fourth and final book, First Comes Scandal, releases on April 21. The first two chapters are already online for your reading pleasure. And don’t forget — pre-ordering means you’ll get the book as soon as it comes out!

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