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So Much is New on

July 23, 2023

So much is new on since Queen Charlotte was published—take a look!

New Author Notes & New Character Profiles
~Are you one of the tens of thousands of site visitors who’ve pored over the Bridgerton Character Profiles? Well, now you can do the same with the Smythe-Smith Character Profiles. (Coming soon: Bridgerton Sightings in the Smythe-Smith Quartet.)

~Always a reader favorite: JQ’s Author Notes that go Inside the Story, and Queen Charlotte‘s will not disappoint. Look for some insight into the writing process (including where the show influenced the book), some history on the real Queen and King, plus a bit about the Transit of Venus, which is a real thing! (Queen Charlotte will also have a Soundtrack. That’s coming soon.)

Brand New Features
~JQ books go on sale all the time and sometimes for only a few days. So TeamJQ built a page devoted to JQ book sales. No matter the format: ebook, print, or audio, money-saving info will be highlighted there (and wee bees will show up in a bunch of other site areas to alert you as well, like below).

~JQ en Español: a whole page devoted to obtaining Spanish language translations of JQ’s books here in the U.S. And bonus: so many are available to be autographed!

~Attention collectors: A Special Editions page has been added complete with photos of the beautiful Bridgerton collections that can be had. Moving forward, if any new collections become available, that’s the page to check.

Nice Press!
JQ has been in the news recently, and we’ve posted a few selected articles:

~What Julia Quinn Can’t Live Without including the purple pens she autographs all her books with! As told to Arielle Avila, from New York Magazine

~Good Day Seattle: a four-minute video interview where Seattle morning host Abby Acone “fangirls” over JQ and JQ explains how Queen Charlotte was written based on the show, but is a “proper novel.”

~Queen Charlotte and Bridgerton have very different origin stories by Karin Tanabe at The Washington Post (Note: This article requires subscription or a free account to read.)

And if you are interested in a deep dive, has an archive of articles about and interviews of JQ!

And always being added to:
EVENTS! Catch JQ Online, at booksignings, and at conferences around the country and around the world. Check out her events calendar.

~JQ AROUND THE WORLD — now with new covers listed at the top in addition to lists by language and by country.


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